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Theme Giveaway!!


So uh;; I’ve not done much else. Why not do a give away? This is more, hey thanks for putting up with me and stuff. For putting up with my robot.  I guess that’s cool yeah, cool. I have no idea how to do intros to this kinda stuff tbh. So lets get to the point

What you win!!!!! 

A custom theme like these: (x) (x) (x
A promo Banner maybe

It ends October 1st at like 6pm pacific standard time. That’s 9pm Eastern time.

Rules [bc these are important]

1.) One winner
2.) MBF me, since it’s for putting up with me.
3.) If you unfollow after that’s okay, but its a little rude 
5.) I’m slow, so you have to give me a little time to get it done. If it’s been a week-two weeks you can ask, but incessant bugging will make me really unwilling
6.) One like, one reblog ;; don’t spam people ok.
7.) I’ll contact you and if you don’t respond within a day or two I’ll probably re-choose.

Okay that’s about it, have fun..


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|| several blogs that i follow recently went on hiatus & my dash has died. i would love more people to follow; so please reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog !

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The story is terrible but I’m doNE. I didn’t even try and I feel bad for my Algebra teacher cause she has to read this lmao.

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Okay okay I’m doing it but kik me while I do it if you can so I dont die of boredom

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hisfledgling buT I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT

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